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About oURL.io

 Along with the incredible growing of online web-based services, million links are shared every day on the internet regularly through social network, forums, blogs, ... Nowadays, modern technologies allow us to integrate many services together in a web application. Following that, URLs become longer and more complicated, a URL may include hundred characters which is not human-readable. Absolutely, people never want to add such a link in their documents. Needless to say, they really need a service to make a URL shorter and more beautiful for sharing purpose.

oURL.io is a totally free web-based application for URL shortening service. It helps to replace a long URL by a super short one even users can make a nice URL with a specific alias. Of course, the shortened URL still points to the same resource on the internet. Beside that, this service also help to protect destination end-points by a captcha layer which makes sure that only real human can access user's resources. Generally, users can shorten their URLs easily and quickly with just one click from oURL.io home page on all kind of devices 24/7. Registered users can earn money by sharing shortened URLs on the internet. Specifically, each registered user will have a balance and a separate dashboard to manage URLs. Each access to his/her shared URL will give him/her a certain amount of money from advertising providers. In addition, this service also provides tools to shorten a bundle of URLs or replace all links in a web page. All above are advantages of oURL.io compared to other shortening services.

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Our mission

As a URL shortening service, our mission is to provide a stable and valuable online web-based shortener which can help people to replace long and complicated URLs by nice ones conveniently.

Our services

oURL.io is designed to provide all necessary services for both unregistered users and registered users. Besides that, we also develop advanced tools for targeted users to help them shorten and manage their URLs conveniently. As a URL shortener, oURL.io has following services:

Unregistered users

- Shorten URL: whenever a user enters any URL in the box on the home page, oURL.io will return a shorter one which points to the same resource of the original link.
- Free sign-up: any user can sign-up a free account along with a balance and dashboard to manage links and earning-money from shared links. 
- Captcha protection: protect user’s resources by a captcha system that prevents bot-attacks and makes sure only human can access user’s links.

Registered users

- Registered users inherit all services of unregistered users. 
- Shorten URL with a specific alias: a user can provide a beautiful alias to shorten a URL, for example: handsome-guy. Then oURL.io will return a shortened link https://ourl.io/handsome-guy . 
- Earning money: users can earn money by sharing their links on the internet. Each access to a shared link will give them a certain amount of money from advertising providers. The more links they share on the internet, the more income they can get. All the earning money will be put into their balance which they can withdraw any time.
- Dashboard: each user has a separate dashboard where he/she can manage links, know clearly all information of links and balance, accessing, income. 
- Withdraw: users can make requests to withdraw money from their balance. The admins will verify and process requests. Money will be transferred into user’s accounts through PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin. More payment gateways will be added on user's demand. Mininum amount is 5$ for all payment gateway.
- Referrals: we pay 10% earning of user's referral for life time.
- Statistics: charts give you all statistical numbers about your balance, links, income.

Web admins

- Web admins inherits all services of both unregistered and registered users. 
- Quick Link: provide a simple way to shorten a link without graphic user interface. 
- Mass Shrinker: this tool help to shorten up to 200 links in one time and add them to user’s account. 
- Full Page Script: If a user has a website with thousand links and he/she wants to change over to short then this tool will be helpful for them. 
- Developers API: the API will shorten links and respond in JSON format.


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